Back in the saddle

Christmas Eve in NYC was great fun. Following a recommendation from one of the chaps that I've met since being here, we went to Gramercy Park for carols around the Christmas tree. The park is very similar to somewhere like St James's Square Garden in London: expensive houses on all four sides of the square,... Continue Reading →

Countdown to Christmas

I'm writing this blog in a rather tired state after a very long walk today. We set off for an amble in the sunshine towards Brooklyn and arrived back at the apartment about 8 hours later having covered just over 20 miles. It was a bright, cold winter day - hardly a cloud in the... Continue Reading →

Influence & Impact

The big news story in NYC during the first part of the week was in relation to a woman who was arrested at a benefits office in Brooklyn for causing some kind of disturbance. Nothing particularly noteworthy about that you say - you'd be right. However, the hullabaloo that followed was all in relation to... Continue Reading →

Making new friends

A feeling of progress in terms of doing some writing this week. At last I was able to lock myself away on Monday for a full day tapping away on the keyboard. First article now sent off to be critiqued/reviewed (maybe even thrown in the bin) - but hopefully it will be looked upon favourably.... Continue Reading →

California Dreaming

A very busy 3 days in LA has come to end – I’m now back on board an Alaskan Airlines flight to JFK, so thought it was a good time to do some more blogging. After a pretty manic first few weeks in New York, it was a welcome change of scene and a chance to... Continue Reading →

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